Product Review: Skincare by 3 Sisters, Hevia, Pevonia and Peter Lamas

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Skincare review

I have never been one to purchase the top-of-the-line skincare. I’ve been using the same brand for years, and for the most part it has worked well for me (at least I think, because nobody tells me “Hey you have wrinkles around your eyes”, and I haven’t taken a poll). I do believe that with some products – skincare being one – newer research, technology and anti-aging demands are directly related to price.

So me being the frugal person I am, I just haven’t spent a lot on skincare.

I had the opportunity to test five different skincare products recently, and as I’m all about sharing, I’m happy to tell you about what I liked and didn’t like.

3 Sisters Restorasis

  • Rehydrating Complex Activator – This is a fine mist that helps to re-hydrate damaged, neglected and aged skin. I lightly sprayed 2-3 times on my face, neck and decollete after cleansing in the morning. It was refreshing with a very light scent. You can also use it mid-day as a pick-me-up, however personally since I wear foundation and translucent powder, I just wouldn’t want to spray even a fine mist; however applying first thing in the morning is a nice wake-me-up. Thumbs-up for me.
  • Rehydrating Skin Repair Complex – This product I most definitely can’t say it has a light scent. Its scent is strong, and borderline offensive. The directions explain to apply the Skin Repair Complex after the Complex Activator, but it also says your face should still be moist from the Activator. Then you spray the Activator twice into your palm, and apply the Skin Repair Complex into your palm, mix the two into a “cocktail” and apply to your face. Warning, do not wear white if you are applying this to your face. The Complex is brown, in fact when I mixed the two in my hand it reminded me of a self-tanner. The color fades as you blend into your skin (and I’m about as fair complected as they come, so I would have noticed had it not). I understand that the two products are designed to work together which many skincare companies would agree, to see optimum benefits it’s best to use products from the same line. The product is described as a “Hydro-BioMimetic, self-sterilizing, all-natural lipid complex” targeting damaged, neglected and aged skin. The package insert indicates it can be used in mornings and evenings, but even though I could possibly get used to the smell, I can’t add a 2-step process into my daily routine, much less twice daily. Thumbs-down for me.

Hevia Skin Science

  • Renewing Hand & Body Cream – I really liked this cream. I smoothed it onto my hands and arms and it left such a soft, powdery feeling; and I also really enjoyed the light floral scent. It has super anti-oxidant Red Mangrove Extract (repairs), Shea Butter (heal/nourish) and Trans-Resveratrol (anti-aging benefits). Thumbs-up for me.

Peter Lamas

  • Nourishing Buriti Oil Moisturizer – I applied this moisturizer before applying my makeup in the morning, and again after cleansing at night. The scent is a little … different – not offensive at all, but not floral – I would describe it as sterile. Definitely could be used by men because it’s not a feminine scent in the least. The yellow lotion contains vitamin-rich Buriti Oil and antioxidants formulated to rehydrate and strengthen skin. This is the thickest of the lotions I have sampled, and while it is for all skin types and could be applied day or night, I would opt for using it at nighttime because for me, it’s not sheer enough for me to wear under makeup. Thumbs-up for me.

Pevonia Power Repair Age Correction

  • Intensifier Collagen and Myoxy-CaviarThis bio-microemulsified gel is designed to be applied at night, when your skin cells do their best repair work while you sleep. It is designed for to repair visible fine lines on deeply dehydrated skin. I have yet to witness if my fine lines are less visible, but since I don’t eat caviar I’m going to wear it. Well not really, but “Caviar Extract” is one of the main ingredients, which has moisturizing and emollient properties (who knew?!). Thumbs-up for me.

As of publishing time, I did not have information on pricing or availability.

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    • Ann-Marie says

      That’s good to know! I had never heard of the brand before trying it, I am hoping to see results after a month or so of the trial then I’ll know for sure what to continue with!

  1. says

    This reminds me how ridiculously lazy I am when it comes to skin care. I need a tutorial and then someone to nightly apply this kind of stuff. Good to know I have an expert to turn to thought. 😉

  2. says

    Did any of these interact with make up already wear?? I tried a moisturizer recently, and when I put my foundation on after it, some kind of warm chemical reaction happened on my face. Scary!!!

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