New Site for Lunch Deals in the Indy area

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Being the type that likes looking for deals (ahem), I came across a cute ad for Bev’s Scoop, a new deal site only offering lunch deals from 11am-2pm, right now just in the Indianapolis area. Apparently Bev is a retired, former lunch lady, who has teamed up with local restaurant owners to offer discounts specifically for lunchtime.  The deals haven’t started yet; they’re looking to increase their members up to 5,000 before the first deal goes out.

So to help a local business and to help all of us score some deals at lunch time, head to Bev’s Scoop and sign up with your email. When they reach their magic number you’ll begin getting lunch deals near where you live or work.

I will also add this to my page on social shopping sites, so if you’re looking for more deal sites like this one, check it out!

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