Groupon – What’s all the fuss about?

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Groupon: Get the Best Deal in Your City Today!

I am crazy mad about Groupon!  I was a ‘late bloomer’ in this area, as I am in other social shopping sites (more about that another time!).

First and foremost, if you are already familiar with Groupon, then look at today’s AWESOME deal!

Here’s the dealio with Groupon, if you’ve heard about it but were “duh” like I was!!

  • Visit Groupon here and subscribe by email according to your city (and thank you for visiting through my affiliate  link by the way!).
  • Each day (including weekends!) you’ll receive an email with the Groupon deal for that day. Generally, Groupons are only available for 1 day, ending at midnight. Deals can be products or services, usually in brick-and-mortar establishments in your city. Occasionally they will offer a national retailer – like when I was able to scoop up a $50 Groupon for only $20!
  • If the Groupon appeals to you, buy it! (Of course after reading any fine print). You’ll receive confirmation and be able to print your Groupon certificate.
  • Refer friends! When you refer friends to Groupon and they purchase a Groupon for themselves, you’ll earn $10 in Groupon bucks per referral!

Oh and btw … the Gap Groupon I mentioned above … it was actually free for me, because I had referred enough friends to cover the $20 cost!


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