Get Rewarded for Being Earth Friendly with Recyclebank

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Here’s a new way to feel good about recycling, reducing and reusing!

When you sign up for a RecycleBank account, you can earn points for being good to the earth. Stock up on your points and redeem them for coupons, gift cards, and prizes, such as $10 off your $50 purchase at Macy’s for 80 points, normally 100 points. (It’s under “Summer Specials”). Just added are McDonald’s freebies for 100 points (under “Restaurants”), and there are so many more rewards.

If you’re just starting off and would like to earn points quick, there’s a Green Your Vacation sweepstakes with fun, interactive point opportunities. Here’s one question from the contest: How will you pledge to be green when reading a book on your vacation? Your choices are: borrow from the library, borrow from a friend, read a book you already own or purchase a new book printed on recycled paper.  Your answers earn you points and entries into the Green Your Vacation contest, where you could win one of 100 prizes including trips!

If you are remotely interested in being friendly to the environment (and shame on you if you’re not), then check out RecycleBank. It’s full of great information and you can even score some great coupons or other rewards.  While you’re browsing RecycleBank’s site, be sure to check their numerous articles on living green.



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