Fun & Creepy Halloween Yard Decorations

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Make your house a little spookier with these ideas for creepy Halloween yard decorations.Have you built up a stock of creepy Halloween yard decorations over the years? I’ll admit, our house is fairly lame when it comes to decorating for Halloween, but little by little we add to our fear factor as I spot a good deal.

Creepy Halloween Yard Decorations

Below are several creepy Halloween yard decorations, including some DIY scary Halloween decorations you can make very easily!

Zombie arms

Creepy Zombie Arms look like someone reaching up from the underground.

Skeleton bonesPlace Skeleton Bones nearby. Even better: Spray glow-in-the-dark paint onto skeleton bones so they light up at night!

Green Goblin door coverFor just $7 you can cover your door with a creepy green goblin!

It ain’t Halloween unless a Crashing Witch takes a faceplant into your tree, amIright?!

Crashing Witch

Put up a sheet in your window for these Ghostly Apparitions by AtmosFx – they take the cake for scariest:

They also have these Talking Jack-o-Lanterns which work with a projector, and can be a bit more friendly than thosts.

You can festively dangle Halloween lights from your tree, or go a little scarier with an LED Fire Lightshow.

LED fire lightshow

Looking for creepy Halloween decorations you can make yourself? Here are a few of my favorites:

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