Never Leave Home Without It: Your Car Coupon Book

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So you dabble in coupon clipping, and may have an envelope or other coupon organizer ready to go when the fridge and pantry are empty, right?

Right now, Ms. Coupon Clipper, can you tell me where your Bed, Bath & Beyond coupons are?  What about your Arby’s coupons?  And how about that little square Babies R Us coupon booklet you were given the last time you shopped there?

If you frequent these places and don’t have your non-grocery coupons together in one spot, you are quite possibly missing a big opportunity to save!

You need a Car Coupon Book.

It’s nothin’ I’m sellin’, folks. Grab an envelope, pick up a plastic multi-tab organizer, pocket folder, whatever works for YOU.

A couple of years ago I found mine (plastic accordian-type) at Target in their $1 Spot section. You could probably find the same thing at Dollar Tree.

Here are my categories, for the non-grocery coupons I keep handy:

  1. Restaurants (I put newest in front, because the back of the Restaurant section is where I keep carry-out menus or my list of Kids Eat Free restaurants).
  2. Bed, Bath & Beyond
  3. Kohl’s
  4. Babies R Us / Toys R Us
  5. JC Penney
  6. Misc. Retail (Children’s Place, Old Navy, Gap, Once Upon A Child, etc.)
  7. Entertainment (miniature golf, movie theatre coupons, etc.)
  8. Services (Great Clips, CarX, etc.)

Now the key is, to actually GET the coupons INTO the car coupon book, then get the car coupon book INTO the car!  That is sometimes where I fall short. Nonetheless, you will find this most handy next time you pull in to Bed, Bath & Beyond, and realize you DO have your coupons with you!


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