20 Holiday Cards for $1.99

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For a limited time only Vistaprint is launching a very HOT Holiday Cards offer:  Get 20 Photo Holiday Cards for just $1.99! I have used Vistaprint several times for business cards, and while I haven’t used them for my family’s Christmas cards yet, I can say I have been very pleased with the quality of what I have ordered so far!  You can choose from 5×7 folded cards (normally 20 for $25.99), 5×7 flat cards, 4×8 photo cards, and collage cards.  You can upload up to 6 photos, and add optional features like pdf proof, premium paper stock!

I created a mock order to check shipping charges, here is what I did:

  1. Chose 4×8 photo cards, quantity of 20 for $1.99
  2. Uploaded one photo (free)
  3. Edited my text on the back  (free) and chose for the back to be in black & white (free)
  4. Chose glossy finish paper (free)
  5. Said “no thanks” to several offers that followed

My order total came to $1.99, and shipping was $4.41 for the slowest (21 days). So in total $6.40 would be my cost for this order, as detailed above. Not bad for 20 photo cards!  If you choose different size/style of cards the price may go up, also there could be a $2.49 upload fee for your photo if you do not choose a card other than a ‘photo card’.

So if you figure 32 cents each for a holiday photo card (shipped) – that price is right for me!  Try it for yourself here!

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