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Toss It out Tuesday

It’s the first official week of Toss It Out Tuesday! As I introduced ast week, the concept is simple.

  • Have 6 bins, boxes or bags labeled Donate, Move, File, Sell, Recycle and Trash.
  • Pick an area of your home to begin with – even a small space, such as a linen closet is a great way to begin!
  • Start tossin’.

Toss It Out Tuesday

This week, I tossed out Barbies.

We’ve been in a looong process of redoing our basement (I touched on it here and here), and now that the new TV is in place and it’s starting to look oh-so-grown-up, there was one thing that remained. Well, not one. Try 36.

Thirty-six Barbies may not seem like a lot to some. Oh, we used to have more; then, we got a puppy. And as all puppies do, they chew. Ours really took to chewing Barbie hands and feet.

Not only can I blame my dog (ok, the fault is the parents for having the Barbies in the reach of the dog, I know…) but I will also blame my daughter. When the child was three she could NOT keep heads and limbs attached to Barbies. {Should I be worried?}

And so this is literally what I tossed out:

Toss It Out Tuesday

Now, the hoarder nostalgic person inside me has held on to these (literal) parts and pieces, the Barbies with the chewed digits, and I’m all …

Toss It Out Tuesday

With the intention of not having our freshly painted, adult-ish basement not looking like a brawl between Mattel and Hasbro, I have been wanting a way to neatly tuck away smaller toys so that my kids can still play, but they can also tidy up easily.

I had my sights set on one of those 9-hole cubby organizers, and at first I thought black was the best option; and then as if the heavens opened and light shined down inside Target, I found this by Closetmaid.

Toss It Out Tuesday

Oh the color is so pretty, and I’m glad I decided against black; after all, the TV is black, the new entertainment unit is black, and our leather furniture is black too. Black, black black. I want light and color!

Toss It Out Tuesday

Now, the Barbies, and their accessories, as well as Skylanders and Disney Infinity characters, all have a neat and tidy little home.

My Toss It Out Tuesday task primarily focused on the Barbie “situation”, so I really didn’t have anything to File, Sell, or Recycle. (But oh, just you wait until next Tuesday!)

  1. Donate: From the old Barbie storage bins, I found some toys in great condition I’m passing along to a little(r) girl down the street.
  2. Move: Barbies from my childhood (which many were hand-me-downs from my sister – see next photo!) have been moved out of the dog’s reach into long-term storage.
  3. Trash: I am free at last of Barbie parts and pieces. Those legs were meant for walking, and they just up and walked straight to the trash.

Your Turn!

As I mentioned last week, here’s your turn to share what you tossed during the last week!

Leave a comment below, sharing what you tossed (into any of the categories above). Everyone who comments on the Toss It Tuesday posts each week will be entered into a monthly drawing for a fun prize!

Did you miss what all the wackiness is about? Read about Toss It Tuesday, and keep the fun going by following along on Facebook!

Toss It Out Tuesday

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  1. Kristen O says

    Our Barbies live in Cubbies just like those. BEWARE — all the shoes, purses, food, pets, etc…little pieces fall to the bottom. It’s great until they want to actually PLAY with them. Then, all the cubbies get DUMPED out into a heap on the floor in search of all the pieces. And then somehow my husband ends up hollering “Auntie Em, Auntie Em” when he walks into the room because a tornado of Barbies has been strewn about the room. Nice thing is: upon direction, all those Barbies and pieces get heaped right back into the bins and tucked away until another stormy day. LOVE those cubbies!

  2. Kristen O says

    TRASH and DONATE — I took my kids Shoe Shopping yesterday. One of my girls went from a size 5-1/2 to and 8-1/2 in just 5 months. WHAT?! So that’s why she has ingrown toenails and complained of her toes always hurting. So, today I spent the morning shuffling too-small shoes into the “worn-out” TRASH pile, or the “hardly worn” DONATE pile. Oh, I do love to purge. I’m totally on board with “Toss-it-out Tuesday!”

    • says

      Hold the phone. Your girls are nearly Mallory’s age, and she’s only in a 4. WOWzers! Can you share shoes yet?! And, thanks for joining in Toss It Out Tuesday, Kristen!!

  3. says

    I have not one, but FOUR junk drawers in my kitchen (the blessing/curse of having a kitchen with loads of storage). It’s where random stuff goes to die, amongst the random stuff that I actually need, like my meal planning binder, battery supply, and chargers. A few days ago someone moved the charger for the XBOX controller, and a quick glance into one of the drawers yielded no charger. I just knew it had to be one of the drawers, so I ended up taking everything out of every drawer and tossing out so much! Pizza coupons that expired in 2013, guest passes to the pool from 2 summers ago, dried-out playdoh … you get the idea. And yes, I also had a pile of things to recycle, a stash of things that belonged elsewhere, and some random things to send to Goodwill. Fun series, and definitely something we could all use a little push to do!

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