Today’s Tips on B105.7: The Costs of Couponing

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If you missed my money-saving tips this morning on B105.7, here’s the rundown!

This week I wanted to share a quick story with you … I ran into an acquaintance at the grocery store on Sunday, and she was trying to purchase a Sunday newspaper in order to get the coupon inserts. When she checked, the papers didn’t have any. She was told that inserts go to home subscriptions first, then if there are leftovers they will be available in single-copy issues of the newspaper. I asked if she ever prints her coupons from home, and she said it would cost more in ink than she’d save with coupons!

This brings up a couple of good points I wanted to share:

Excuse #1:  I don’t want to subscribe to the paper.

Reality:  A subscription to most major metropolitan newspapers is relatively cheap. You could recoup your investment for a Sunday newspaper with one single coupon!

We get a Thursday and Sunday subscription, which our paper is running at $5.44 for the first 6 months as a special promotion. That breaks down to roughly $1.25 per week, or just 68¢ per issue. So to spend 68¢ in order to save $10 a week or more? That’s pretty good!

Excuse #2:  The ink is too expensive to print coupons.

Reality:  I won’t get into the cost of ink, cost per piece of paper and ink cost per coupon, but seriously, it costs pennies to print coupons from home. You don’t even need to print them in color, black ink is just fine, and don’t forget you also have options with loading digital coupons to your phone or to your store’s loyalty cards and not print them at all.

Ready to get started? Here are my favorite printable coupon sites, and don’t forget to check recently mentioned printable coupons too!

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