The Return of Extreme Couponing on TLC

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By now you’ve heard much of the hub-bub about Extreme Couponing on TLC.  Love it or hate it, it returns tonight to TLC at 10/9C.

I get asked a lot what my take is on the whole “extreme couponing” phenomenon. I believe in couponing to save money for my family. I believe in stockpiling, only to the extent that I can effectively store the items, my family will use the items in what I consider a reasonable amount of time, and that it was purchased at the lowest possible price (sale + coupon).

Here is where the show takes a different spin, at least in the last season. It profiled couponers that were, in my opinion, hoarding. I do believe a lot went on outside of the show that did not make the final cut, and I know for a fact much of what was seen in families’ stockpiles were eventually donated. But not all of it.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind to help you become a better couponer, without going to extreme measures:

  • Save a li’l for the rest of us. There is no sense in clearing the shelves because you could get 22 razors free.
  • Be ethical. There are methods that teach fraudulent coupon behavior, and it is illegal. Illegal, as in you would face serious legal consequences way beyond being banned from a store.
  • Be courteous. If you have 100 items and 100 coupons, and you haven’t yet put the first on the conveyor belt, and a mom with an overly tired baby comes up behind you with a gallon of milk, let her go ahead of you.
  • Know what you’re presenting. Check your coupon expiration dates before hand. Know the store’s coupon policy; in fact, it’s a good idea to print it from their website and keep in your coupon book.
  • Stores may refuse a coupon. Remember allowing coupons is a privilege, not a right, and if anything is suspectful that it may be a fraudulent coupon, it may be refused. Don’t take offense, if you’re finding them from good sources you shouldn’t worry.

Are you planning to tune in? What’s your take on the extreme couponing phenomenon?

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