That Thing Women Don’t Like to Talk About

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Most women do it.

But they don’t talk about it.

Who knows if men do it. Probably.

It’s embarassing, but “everybody does it” …

… right?

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this sometimes embarrassing topic!

It’s common among pregnant women and after having given birth, as let’s just say … “those parts” just can’t hold it in as well as before.

  • You’re having dinner with friends. That ONE friend that everyone has, that is just a freakin’ laugh a minute, says something so outrageously funny you can’t even stand it, you’re all ROFL, and …

… a little bit of pee comes out.

It’s called light bladder leakage, and products like Poise Microliners help to keep it under control, so no one has to know except you.

And hopefully, that ONE friend will never know, so the next joke’s not on you.

You don’t know when it might happen, and having something like Poise Microliners that are so thin, but with super absorbent material, can help you feel confident the next time you laugh, or jump, or sneeze.

Poise Microliner

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