Spotlight: Indy-area Photographer & Children’s Book Author

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My MOPS group has not only been a place that I treasure for spiritual growth and fellowship, but also for the wealth of resources I’ve found!  Carrie VanAlstine of Adeo Arts is one such gem.

I enlisted Carrie’s help in new family portraits, and let me tell you, working with Carrie was easy, working with my children is not. My children are high spirited, feed off of each other’s energy, and drain all of ours. So I was delighted to nab one of Carrie’s “mini-sessions”, an easy 20-minute block of time that was just long enough to get what we wanted (plus a few new headshots because ya know, I’m so vain), but not so long that I was beggin’ for mercy for the children to Sit. Still. And. Smile!

Little did I know before meeting her that Carrie has been a busy little bee, having just published her first children’s book, Frizzy Izzy Yelp!. You can find it on Amazon and at Barnes & Noble. “Sprinkled with lessons in zoology, horticulture, and geography this rhythmic story inspires and reminds us to be kind to our world and those we share it with.”

A little more about Carrie’s background…

Carrie VanAlstine is a teacher, photographer, dancer and mother of two. Her passions for the Earth, biology and family unite in her book about how to live peaceably with one another. She is a licensed educator and taught high school biology, zoology and Earth and space classes. She is also the owner of Adeo Arts Photography Company. VanAlstine was inspired to write and advocate for endangered species when she was teaching. After the birth of her first child she felt even more driven to speak for those amazing creatures who had no voice but were striving just as she was to provide a safe and healthy life for their babies.

You can browse Carrie’s photography gallery and schedule your own full session at Adeo Arts or on her Adeo Arts Facebook page. And learn more about Frizzy Izzy and even see some of the cutest “Furry Friday” photos on the Frizzy Izzy Facebook page.

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