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It’s not often you get free money to use at a place like Pottery Barn, but thanks to my Chase Rewards debit card I had earned enough points to choose a $50 gift card to PB, and I finally had a chance (without kids!) to use it.

I am in awe going into this store. It takes me forever to make a decision, and I am so thankful their store associates are helpful and have a smidge of decorating know-how.

I described my decorating dilemma to the young woman helping me, and she flitted about the store grabbing this & that, and I did too, pulling together a few pieces to see if they would have the right fit for my dining room table. (It’s the only surface big enough to put my “pretties” that Carlie won’t be able to reach).

We have had such a horrible winter in Indiana and I’m so excited to Spring up my decor and get rid of the darker, heavier colors until Fall.  Pottery Barn has the cutest Easter and Spring accents right now – birds’ nests, moss and eggs all nestled into glass hurricanes, and these adorable carved wooden bunnies.

I was able to pick out 3 items, and while I was checking out I noticed a flyer for their store events.  These events are free, and you’ll be inspired to go home and see what creative Spring ideas you can design in your own home, using Pottery Barn’s pieces or your own.

  • How To Throw The Perfect Party: Sunday, March 27 at 10am. Learn tips for hosting formal dinners, cocktail parties, weekend brunches and more.
  • How To Design Your Family Room: Sunday, April 10th at 10am. The best family rooms are relaxing, stylish and invite everyone to gather. Learn tips for decorating your room from start to finish.
  • How To Create Botanical Arrangements: Sunday, April 17th & May 1st at 10am. Learn how to arrange artful botanicals in this fun interactive class. You’ll also customize your very own display for the perfect Mother’s Day gift.

I’d love to know if anyone has been to a Pottery Barn store event like these before – please comment if you have, what topic was discussed and what you thought of it.



  1. Robin says

    I went to one on organizing at PBKids. At both stores, they say they give you 10% off the items used in the class when you attend the class. However, at the PBKids store, they gave us 10% off anything in the store! Yes, that is on top of any sale prices 🙂 Plus, always, always, always check out the floor models that are on sale in both stores. They are nicely discounted (and assembled). Plus, if there is a % sale on that item then you get that additional % off of the already discounted floor model. At the PBKids event, I purchased a floor model bookcase that was marked 20% off. Bookcases were on sale for 205 off, so I saved another 20% off. Plus, I got my 10% class discount on top of that! I do also love the happiness and helpfulness of the associates in these stores. Plus, plus, open a store credit card and you earn 10% back in store credit on EVERY PURCHASE – you can use the credit in either store. 10% is so unheard of, Gap, Gymboree, etc. give 5% back. So, I really saved another 10% on my bookcase, since I was earning cash back on it. Ok, this is so long – go to class, have a ball! (maybe I’ll go with you!)

  2. Robin says

    btw, the 10% isn’t a “day of opening the card” thing. YOu just earn 10% back anytime you use it in the stores.

  3. Robin says

    Note for future, on Thanksgiving weekend, they have what they call “bounce back cash” in the PBK store (not sure about the PB store). In addition to the 10% you earn back on your card, you also (regardless of your form of payment), earn $20 “bounce back cash” for every $100 you spend to use Dec 26-Jan 31. Makes a big purchase so much less painful 🙂

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