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Have you joined Pinterest?

Before I joined, I thought of it much the same as I thought of Facebook 3 years ago. I intentionally avoided it because I was afraid it would suck up too much of my time. And I was right, it can. But the fun connections and creative ideas that come out of Pinterest are very much worth every second I do, occasionally, put into it.

Let me back up a second for those that may not know about Pinterest. It is a virtual bulletin board where you can “pin” anything you like from the web. Let’s say your favorite magazine is Southern Living. You love the designer room makeovers, the incredibly rich recipes, and the awesome travel section. You may even keep a file folder where you’ve torn out your favorite articles or recipes to hold on to, in case one day you get the gumption to try it for yourself. That file folder … is Pinterest. Only cooler. And no trees were harmed.

I’m going to start a new weekly Pinterest Pretties feature where I showcase 5 of my favorite pins from that week. Even if you’d rather not join Pinterest, I’ll include the original sources so you can check out the wonderful creators of my favorite pins.

Sound fun? Great!

Let me get you started with just a couple I pinned in the last few days:


Water Pinata – fun idea for a child’s summer birthday party or a neighborhood block party!
From my Just for Kids board
Source: via Pinterest


Blackberry Pie Bars – A new use for when blackberries are on sale for $1!
From my Cooking & Recipes board
Source: via Pinterest


from my Things that make me giggle board
Source: Uploaded by user on Pinterest


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