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Before you think this is not legit, I’m here to tell you that in my wallet right now is a $50 gift card to JC Penney, that I chose to spend my MyPoints on, and it cost me ZERO dollars, just a little time!

What’s MyPoints?  First, it is a website where you register for a free membership. You earn points several different ways, then use those points to buy things for yourself or others. Gift cards are one option to redeem your MyPoints on, or there is a host of other categories.

How to earn MyPoints:

  • By shopping online. If you were planning to buy something online anyway, start at and search for the retailer you’re looking for. If they are a participating merchant you’ll earn anywhere from 2-10 points per dollar (or more) on your purchase when you go through your MyPoints site.
  • By doing searches. Either perform your internet searches using’s search browser, or download the MyPoints toolbar (bonus points for that) and use the toolbar for your searches. You’ll earn 10 points for each search, with bonuses for reaching certain search levels.
  • By reading emails. You’ll receive 1-2 emails a day, and all you need to do is open the email, and click the “earn points” button at the bottom. Most emails will earn you 5 points for clicking-thru, others may offer bonuses like 250 points for completing a transaction, survey or other task.
  • By printing and redeeming coupons. Woo Hoo!  If you’re into printing grocery coupons from places like, you can print them through MyPoints!  Every coupon you print and redeem in-store will earn you 10 points, with a bonus 25 points scored for redeeming 10 or more in a month.

There are other ways to earn points (online games, daily deals, spin-to-win etc) but these I mention have been the fastest & easiest for me to rack up my points.

So if you were planning to shop online with eBay, Target, or Kohl’s anyway, go through MyPoints first and earn points for yourself!  If you choose to redeem your points on gift cards, those will make excellent Christmas and birthday gifts!


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