My Staples Back-to-School Shopping Trip 7/20/11

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I’ve mentioned before how I like to whittle away at the cost of school supplies, now that I’ll have 2 in school this year. Do school supplies cost a fortune?  Of course not, probably less than $50. But if I can get by with spending, say, $15 – then that’s quite a savings in my book.

I wish I could have gotten there Monday or Tuesday, because their penny deals only go through today and I could have let you know sooner. I’ll do better next week, promise!

But if you are so inspired by this post that you just have to rush out, then do it today because the penny deals expire when the store closes. Then check next week’s ad for their back-to-school deals which likely will also feature 1¢ items Mon-Wed.

Here’s what I scored at Staples today:

  • 1 Hammermill copy paper, 1 ream: reg. $5.99 with $4.99 Staples Easy Rebate, final cost $1.00
  • 2 Staples 1-subject notebook with poly cover: (they have notebooks with normal paper cover for 33¢ but I ‘splurged’ the extra 17¢ to help the cover last a little longer) reg. $1.00, sale 50¢ (limit 2), total final cost $1.00
  • 1 Pentel black pens, 5-pk: reg. $4.00 with $4.00 Staples Easy Rebate, final cost FREE
  • 2 Accent Highlighters, 2-pk: reg. $1.49 ea, sale 1¢ ea, total final cost 2¢
  • 2 Staples 3″x5″ ruled index cards: reg. $1.00 ea, sale 1¢ ea, total final cost 2¢
  • 2 Staples no. 2 yellow pencils, 8-pk: reg. $1.00 ea, sale 1¢ ea, total final cost 2¢

Total Value: $14.48

Sale Discounts: ($3.43)

Staples Easy Rebate:  ($8.99)

Final Cost oop (out of pocket): $2.06 + tax

Please note, there is a $5 minimum non-penny-deal purchase and limit of 2 in order to get the “extreme” penny deals. That wasn’t a problem for me because the copy paper and Pentel pens more than covered it, even though now that I’m home I will submit for the Staples Easy Rebate and get that money back.

OH before I forget!  Tip for teachers: Teachers have a limit of 25 items on the penny deals at Staples! I learned this today when I watched a woman count 16, 17, 18… on the packs of pencils and she quickly explained she was a teacher. A store employee shared that teachers can purchase up to 25 penny deals rather than just 2. As always, see your local store policy to be certain.

Be sure to check out other posts on back-to-school deals, and I’ll be adding more over the next few weeks!

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