It never hurts to ask!

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I keep a large, plastic coupon organizer in my car specifically for restaurants, retail, entertainment, etc.  When I was headed to the mall today, I pulled it out to see what I had in my “Mall” tabbed section.  I discovered a highly coveted $10 off a $10 purchase coupon for JC Penney, that expired in August!  Gasp!  How on earth could I let that pass me up, when I could easily pop in for socks, undies, hair pretties for my daughters, or whatever other $10 find I could get for free.

My purpose in heading to Penney’s in the first place was to exchange a Disney Fairies placemat I had bought for my daughter. When I bought it and got it home, I pulled off the plastic tab that is used to hang the placemat on a display rack, and it was so sticky it pulled off the foam on the backside.  I found the replacement (pulled off the plastic tab to be sure it would come off clear), and took it to the register to exchange.  I asked the clerk if, by chance, they would accept an expired $10 off $10 purchase coupon. She said no, unfortunately.  Ok, didn’t hurt to ask.  I was not upset or offended, it was my fault anyway that I had let it expire.

Standing nearby was (I’m assuming) a manager, who overheard my request. He told the cashier he would authorize for her to accept my expired coupon!  Yippee!  I said great, let me do some shopping!  I picked out a cute velour hoodie for my 6 year old daughter, on sale for $12.99.  There were matching velour pants, but I decided I’d wait until I had a 15% off coupon before buying those.  Who knows, maybe in the meantime I’ll get another $10 off $10 and have the brand new set for under $7!

Of course, it most likely depends on the store, the store’s policy, the manager who happens to be within earshot and if they’re having a nice day or not!!

Bottom line … it never hurts to ask!

Have you had luck saving money with an expired coupon?  Bed, Bath & Beyond permit expired coupons.  Do you know of any other stores?



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