Hunger Games Trilogy $18.99 on Amazon Kindle (reg $53.97)

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Have you read The Hunger Games? My neighborhood wine book club read it late last summer but I missed reading it. I attended the party book discussion and actually I was almost glad I didn’t read it, because quite frankly I’m a weenie. When a book is so well written that the images just from people talking about it are stuck in your head when you go to bed at night … it’s probably a good book for the majority. And to have those images come to life on the Big Screen probably spells O-S-C-A-R (and I don’t mean bologna).

Regardless, this book is #1 on New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today and Publishers Weekly.

If you haven’t read it yet, or if you were so invested you want to get into books 2 and 3, right now on Amazon you can get The Hunger Games Trilogy instantly delivered on Kindle for just $18.99 – that’s all 3 books in the series (the regular digital price is $53.97!).

As with most Amazon pricing, prices fluctuate even by the hour. Grab it now before this price is gone!

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