Home Run Inn Pizza’s a Hit in Indiana {GIVEAWAY}

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Home Run Inn pizza.

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Home Run Inn Pizza

With our recent weather woes, I’ve been cooking a lot more from scratch than I normally have time for. Some after school activities have canceled, meetings moved, and I’ve actually been able to make a good homemade meal for my family.

Then there are the days like last night, when our kids get off the bus at 4ish, we scoot to piano by 4:45, get home at 5:30 and need a quick meal before basketball practice at 7:00. I just can’t always take 45+ minutes to chop, mix and cook a healthy(ish) meal for the fam.

Home Run Inn PizzaSo those are the nights I turn to quick frozen meals. And once a week that’s pizza.

Home Run Inn Frozen Pizza is new to the Indiana market (and also in 20+ states), and is available at Kroger, Meijer and Marsh stores (plus I also spotted it at Sam’s Club). It began as a pizza restaurant in Chicagoland, and now they use their same family recipe in their new frozen pizzas, quickly making them Chicago’s #1 selling frozen pizza brand.

Home Run Inn Pizza frozen

My kids are like most – picky. But when it comes to pizza, not so much. So while they’re munching away on their Home Run Inn Pizza not thinking it’s any different from the rest, I know that I’ve made a good choice because what they’re eating is made with all natural ingredients, real cheeseno preservatives and 0g trans fat.

So not only do I feel good about what they’re putting into their little bodies, but it’s quick, easy and we LOVE pizza. Score! And even Consumer Reports consistently rates Home Run Inn #1 when compared to other frozen and delivered pizzas.

You can see from this image I took at Meijer, there is a wide variety of crusts available – Classic, Signature, Ultra Thin and Ultra Thick, plus several topping options as well:

Home Run Inn Meijer

And my frugal friends – if you live near Chicago and can hit up a Home Run Inn restaurant, they have have a “Pizza Lovers” program for their restaurants. And if you don’t, they have a MVP Frozen Pizza Club! When you sign up you’ll get periodic emails with offers on Home Run Inn frozen pizzas plus you’ll be entered to win pizza for a year!

Home Run Inn MVP Frozen

Home Run Inn provided me with a free pizza coupon to give away to one Chaos Is Bliss reader so you can try it out for yourself! And if you’re not the winner – pick up one at Meijer, Marsh or Kroger, and 2-packs at Sam’s Club.

The giveaway begins now and ends next Wednesday night 2/5/14. Good luck!

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Home Run Inn pizza. For more info please read my disclosure policy.


  1. says

    I saw a billboard for Home Run Inn pizza on a trip and was curious about it. Now that so many of my bloggy friends are telling me the details I definitely want to try it.

    Pepperoni would be the hit with most of the family although I would like to try some of the other varieties as well.

  2. Lisa Anderson says

    I’ve heard amazing things about this pizza! Can’t wait to try it. Ultra thick pepperoni would be my first choice.

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