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Now that Carlie’s in Kindergarten, I have no idea where our $2.40/day goes for her lunch, but definitely not in her belly.

The very first day of school she trotted off the bus and said, “I did not have time to eat all my lunch.” (The girl refuses to use contractions, it’s the cutest thing.)

But not having time to eat is total baloney because she’s just repeating the phrase her older sibs have said for the last 3 years. For them? I believe it, they’re chatterboxes. For Carlie? No way. She has the time, she just doesn’t like the lunch.

So I’m trying to pack her lunches most days, and looking for ideas that are easy for me to make, easy for her to hold, not terribly messy, and most importantly … she’ll eat it.

Azteca Foods

Azteca Foods has launched a new No Preservative flour tortilla line that’s in Kroger and other stores, in the refrigerated section (helpful hint: it’s near cheese).

Tortillas are perfect because you can stuff them with nearly anything, make them savory or sweet, main meal-ish or dessert-ish, and they’re incredibly affordable ($1.79 on sale at Kroger when I took this picture!).

I used an Azteca tortilla to make a creation for my daughter that she LOVES! I call it Strawberry Fields Roll-up. It’s healthy – which I love; and it’s sweet – which she loves. Win-Win.


To help your family make healthier-for-you lunches, Azteca Foods has given me an AMAZING prize package to give to one lucky Chaos Is Bliss reader!

One winner will receive the following (pictured at the top of the page!):

  • $50 Kroger gift card
  • Azteca Free Product coupon
  • Meal planning notepad
  • BPA-free lunch container
  • Dry erase wall decal calendar (you guys, it’s from Pottery Barn!!)

The contest begins NOW, and ends at 11:59pm next Tuesday, 8/26/14. Good luck!

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Try my Strawberry Fields Roll-up recipe and see if your kids (or you!) enjoy it too! You can also Pin it here.

Strawberry Fields Roll-Up

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  1. says

    Since my kids don’t like grilled cheese, tortillas are a staple in my house for quesadillas. Always a good choice when I have no idea what to have for dinner!

  2. Gina M (Wild Orchid) says

    I would create breakfast burritos for my husband.

    Entered the rafflecopter form as “Wild Orchid”

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  3. Madonna says

    I like to make mini pizzas on them. I buy a pack every month for just such snacks. I also make breakfast rollups in them.

  4. Jenny says

    Personnel fave is spreading butter and sprinkling cinnamon and sugar over the butter then microwaving it for 15 sec. Then again adding more butter, sugar and cinnamon.


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