Friday Freebies on B105.7: Lego Club Magazine (for Girls too!) and 3 Free Samples

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Lego Club Magazine

If you missed my Friday Freebies this morning on B105.7, here’s the rundown on how you can get a FREE subscription to Lego Magazine for your kids, plus 3 free samples!

  • A reminder, if you have a child who loves Legos, sign them up for a FREE 2-year subscription to Lego Magazine. My son loves getting this each month – and until I wrote this post up I didn’t realize there is also a Lego Club magazine for girls, featuring Lego Friends – so I just enrolled my oldest daughter in that free magazine! Look around for more great deals for kids posted lately!
  • Keurig owners can request a free Snapple Brew Over Ice K-cup over at Brew Over Ice Facebook page. If the free sample happens to be gone by the time you check for it, there is still a nice coupon that you can print. Don’t have a Keurig? There are several styles and price ranges to choose from. Since my husband wakes earlier than I do, having a Keurig allows us to both have freshly brewed individual cups of coffee. Plus I can try all the fru-fru flavors and he can stick with his dark roast.

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