Fresh Thyme Farmer’s Market | Greenwood Tour + $50 Gift Card Giveaway

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Fresh Thyme Farmers Market

UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed. Congrats Karen C.!

Growing up on the south side of Indy, I became friends with a girl in high school whose parents purchased a corner lot of a vacated gas station and turned it into a fresh produce stand. That was 25 years ago (oy), and the last time I was down there, it was still going strong.

At the time, I didn’t know a thing about organic produce, all-natural this and gluten-free that. But today? I’m getting schooled. And when you have such great resources available these days to learn more, you have no reason not to take an interest in your health, the environment and the future.

Healthy grocery stores have made a boom in the Midwest in the last 10 years, and the latest to enter the market, Fresh Thyme, is up against some competition for sure. It is the first natural & organic store of its kind to the area, and Indy southsiders have been begging for an alternative to big box retailers for their organics.

Fresh Thyme Greenwood

Fresh Thyme opened their second store (the first in Mount Prospect, IL) south of Indianapolis in Greenwood, and looks very promising to be an affordable farmer’s market with the look and feel of a grocery store. Or is it a grocery store with the look and feel of a farmer’s market? You decide.

With fresh fruits & vegetables comprising 30% of their sales, it’s no wonder their produce section looks like this:

Fresh Thyme Greenwood… with every stalk, every nectarine, every green bean hand-inspected and hand-stacked.

Fresh Thyme GreenwoodThis attention to detail makes the entire produce department catch your eye as soon as you walk in the store. Ok, and I was seriously almost afraid to touch anything for fear of a truckload of fruit toppling down on me.

While they currently only have a small offering of local foods, that is a goal they’re hoping to increase as they add more stores. Speaking of adding more stores – take note, they have a plan to open 60 stores in the Midwest over the next 5 years, the next on the northside of Indy on 82nd Street.

Here are a few more helpful hints before you visit Fresh Thyme for the first time, and read on for a $50 Fresh Thyme gift card giveaway!

Fresh Thyme

Fresh Thyme Fresh Facts

Here is a sampling of what you’ll find at Fresh Thyme:

  • More than a dozen varieties of fresh sausage made in-store, every day, using natural meats and seasonings with no MSG.
  • A meat department with all-natural, grass-fed and organic varieties, as well as sustainably sourced seafood. And know what else you’ll find? Elk, venison, boar, bison and deer.
  • An overwhelming selection of 300 bulk grains, beans, nuts, trail mixes, many of which are natural and organic. Add to that Midwest-roasted bulk coffee (fair trade and organic), sweets, and bulk oils/liquids such as EVOO, organic agave nectar and all natural honey.
  • Many local craft beers, with the option to grab a 6-pack of your favorite singles to try for just $9.99.
  • A full dairy section featuring many Midwest products, including gluten-free and dairy-free options.
  • A massive 7,000-item health aisle with natural body care, vitamins and supplements.

And best of all … you’ll find all of Fresh Thyme’s offerings affordable. Sale items on some organic items might cost the same or lower than conventional.Want to save even more? Go on Double-Ad Day. For Greenwood, that’s Thursdays: The sale ad from the previous week is extended through Thursday, and the next week’s ad begins on Thursday, giving you double the savings!

Take your time browsing the store, grab a meal-to-go or salad in the Fresh Thyme Kitchen, and talk with the staff. Fresh Thyme hires employees that not only want to work there, but live the whole, healthy lifestyle – making them more knowledgeable about the products they sell.

Fresh Thyme Grand Opening Events

Fresh Thyme grand opening events for Thursday, June 12th include a grocery giveaway to the first 250 customers in the door, balloon animals and face painting for kids, live music and more fun! Plus continuing through Sunday will be lots of samples and giveaways. Be sure to pop in on Sunday, June 15th from 12-3 to see my friend Heather over at Basilmomma give a live cooking demonstration with Q&A’s!

Fresh Thyme $50 Gift Card Giveaway

To celebrate the opening of their Greenwood, Indiana store, I’m so excited to offer you the chance to win a $50 Fresh Thyme Gift Card!

This contest is open to Indiana residents only. The giveaway begins NOW and ends at 11:59pm next Wednesday, 6/18/14. Good luck!

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This is a sponsored post and giveaway on behalf of Fresh Thyme, but as always my opinions and words are 100% my own. For more information please see my disclosure policy.


  1. says

    I was so bummed I was unable to attend the preview event. My friend and I are going to plan a little field trip over to Greenwood to check it out. I’m excited to have somewhere different to shop!

  2. Taylor says

    Building one in Lafayette Indiana now. Can’t wait for it to open. Hope the same deal is available there.

  3. Barbra says

    We needed this on the SS. I have so many things I cant wait to see. I’m sure to start I’m produce.

  4. Julie Luptak says

    I am SO excited that Fresh Thyme decided to open on the Southside, I cannot wait to get over there and visit!!!

  5. says

    Oh I’m a fresh produce kind of girl. Will for sure be checking that out soon!

  6. Jessica says

    Definitely cannot wait to start shopping here. I am so excited for the southside to get such a great store!

  7. Elizabeth says

    That liquid bar looked very interesting! I am also always looking for high protein and fiber snacks that I can keep in my car on hot days. More variety of those would definitely make me a happier camper!

  8. Jennie says

    So excited to check out all of that fresh produce! My kids will rarely eat meat, so it is fun for me to experiment with different veggie dishes for them! Thanks for the chance – and can’t wait for the 82nd Street store! It is walking distance from my work (though I would never walk down 82nd Street, LOL!).

  9. says

    I heard a second store is going in on the north side; my brother & I are excited to check it out. My household appreciates a really nice produce section.

  10. Rachel Snyder says

    What I’ll check out? EVERYTHING! I just want good, fresh produce and interesting choices! Someone posted a picture of a huge meat case with a bunch of different sausages. Umm, yes please?

  11. Denise says

    I am thrilled about this new store! I love fresh produce and the store is close to my hometown Columbus!

  12. Stacy says

    been on the hunt for nutritional yeast – I didn ‘t see it but it was busy so hoping to go back and browse at a slower pace when things calm down! 🙂

  13. says

    I am so excited to have an organic grocery store on the south side. I was hoping to get down there this weekend but just ran out of time. Hopefully, next weekend.

  14. Tammy Froelich says

    I was there on Friday and I’m in love with the store. I loved that it seemed like 3/4 of it was fresh produce.

  15. Holly says

    Cannot WAIT to check this store out! THRILLED we finally are getting something like this on the south side. =) Want to check it all out, but healthy meats are top of the list, as well as organic/local produce.


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