FREE Victoria’s Secret Reward Card via Facebook

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“Like” Victoria’s Secret on Facebook and starting at 12pm today, try your luck at getting a FREE Secret Reward Card!

When I got my Secret Reward Card last month from the same Facebook promotion, it took some time and a little patience, but it finally worked. Since I was eating my lunch anyway I didn’t mind Here are my tips that may help:

  • Make sure you’re already a fan of Victoria’s Secret page before the 12pm start time.
  • Go ahead an click on the “Secret Reward Card” button a few minutes before the promotion starts. You’ll probably see a “Sorry we’re all out” message.
  • Starting at 12pm, begin refreshing your screen (F5 button or click the refresh arrow on your browser). You may continue to still see the “Sorry we’re all out” message, but don’t believe it. When they truly are all out you’ll likely see a post from Victoria’s Secret on their Facebook wall.
  • There are a limited number each day, and we don’t know how many, unfortunately. Good luck!

Free samples go quickly, some may even be gone by the time you read this!  Be sure you’re a fan of Chaos Is Bliss on Facebook so you get fast notice when deals like this come available!

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