Secret for Perfect Popcorn? Pop Secret Perfect Pop App

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Pop Secret app

Possibly one of the worst smells in the kitchen is burned popcorn. Even just typing those words, my nose starts crinkling up as if I can smell it already.

You toss a bag of popcorn in the microwave, and step away for just a second to answer the phone, and … ugh. The listening-for-it-to-slow-down thing just didn’t happen, and you overcooked your family fun night.

Here’s the cool thing – there’s an app for that.

Pop Secret (and only Pop Secret) developed an app that listens to your popcorn popping, and will tell you when the moment’s right to stop the microwave.

Here’s how the Perfect Pop App works:

  • After downloading the free app (available through iOS 7 and above on iPhones 5+), open it when you’re ready to pop your Pop Secret microwave popcorn.
  • Set your cook time according to package directions, and tap the Perfect Pop app to start.
  • The app will listen for the popping sounds, and give you a visual of what it might look like if you had a window into the bag:

Pop Secret appPop Secret app

  • Once it knows your popcorn is ready to stop popping, it will alert you to STOP! … No more burned popcorn!

It’s so simple, ain’t it? Brilliant.

Pop Secret app

Learn more about the Pop Secret Perfect Pop App and how it can save your family fun night.

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