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This is a MUST HAVE in your cell phone!  How often have you been driving in your car, and thought “I wonder if that place is still open” or “I need to call and make an appointment there”, but you didn’t have the number with you?  You high-tech folks may get quicker answers  from your smart phones, but for the rest of us it is a great tool!

Save this number into your Contacts in your cell phone.  It’s FREE information!


It is all voice-activated. (That being said, it helps to speak clearly and not have a ton of background noise). At the main menu, say the category (“Business”, “Government”, “Residential” or “Toll Free”). Then say the city and state where you are searching. Last, name the listing you’re searching for.

Here’s the fine print:  you will need to listen to a 15-second ad at the beginning, and another ad before your number is read.  If you can get past that, it’s a great tool for finding a number when you don’t have a phone book or internet handy!


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