Facebook Stock Now Available! Save 10% on Transfer Fee

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Gift Facebook Stock!

Facebook Stock Now Available!

If you haven’t yet heard, Facebook stock is open for purchase today, and is sure to be a hot item!  Order a share from OneShare.com for yourself or Gift it for Graduation or Father’s Day for a gift that will last a lifetime.

With one share of Facebook Stock, you become part owner of the largest social network on Earth. The website that started on Harvard’s campus in 2004 has swept across the globe and in eight short years picked up over 900 million registered users. With co-founder, chairman and CEO Mark Zuckerberg at the helm, the Facebook IPO has not only put your friends, family and Likes at the core of a newly public company, but given you the chance to own a piece of it too.

PLEASE NOTE: Because the stock is electronic, there is no Facebook stock certificate available. An official OneShare certificate of ownership very suitable for framing will be provided in lieu. The actual share will be in book-entry form held directly by Facebook’s transfer agent.

It’s easy with OneShare:

  • Choose your stock
  • Choose a beautiful frame in a range of prices, or choose a paper frame for transporting at no cost.
  • You can choose an engraving, even “My First Stock” for a baby gift!  Engraving is an additional $5, or you may choose no engraving.
  • You’ll receive a FREE OneShare Start-up Kit, plus you may opt to receive a FREE Stock Matters e-book for kids!
  • For a limited time, use code TENPERCENT to save 10% on OneShare’s $39 transfer fee.

Check out this video from Regis & Kelly highlighting OneShare as a gift idea!

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