Daddy’s Sick = We all take a break for Fall Break

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Fall TreeI’ve been posting quite lightly lately, initially it was just due to some upcoming field trips, misc activities with the kids, etc.

Then things came to a screeching halt Monday when my husband came home from work, tried to rest but by 5pm was in such excruciating pain we had to take him to the ER.

Acute appendicitis. Resulting in an appendectomy.

“Aahhh, my (so-and-so) had that too.”

It’s common, we hear. Lots of people know someone or multiple ones that have had their appendix removed. Even my neighbor’s husband had his removed in March.

He’s home recovering, still a little nauseous and in some pain, which we’re managing.

Two hours from now my older kids get off the bus to start Fall Break, so we’ll just see how much rest Daddy’s going to get.

We’ll press on.

All this is to say, I will be posting lightly over the next several days, and this is why. I don’t have a staff, or writers, or a virtual assistant to fill in while I’m gone. It’s just me. Between caring for Larry and keeping my kids occupied and entertained the next 4 days, this mama’s got her hands full!

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Thanks all!

Larry & Dylan

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