Clinton Kelly and the Freakin’ Fabulous Fashion Show

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Freakin' Fabulous on a Budget

Have you ever seen a questionnaire that looks something like this:

  • Do your friends go to you for advice?
  • Are you the first to know about the latest trends?
  • When a new product is announced, are you the first of your friends to buy it?

When it comes to advice on money-saving deals or new trends in retail and grocery shopping, many times my answer is “Yes.” Especially if there’s a coupon involved.

But for fashion and style? Meh, not so much. My friends don’t go to me for fashion advice. Nor am I the type to pay attention to the latest style trends. I know what I like (I posted a few looks on this Pinterest board), I try on oodles of options, until I find something that fits well and looks good. Then I’ll buy it in every color.

But as I told my friend Angie, I’m accessory-challenged. I just don’t have confidence that the scarf I’ve chosen is hanging right, or if a necklace is right for a particular neckline. But I do try.

Clinton Talks Fashion Trends

So when I was invited to attend a Spring fashion show at Macy’s hosted by none other than Clinton Kelly (formerly of TLC’s What Not To Wear, and now on ABC’s The Chew); I was thrilled – but apprehensive.

What to wear? and Will he point at my scarf and mock me?

Turns out, he was fabulous. And no mocking. Well at least any mocking he did was in general, no-finger-pointing terms.

He opened with an analogy that helps to discern the difference between “fashion” and “style”, because many use the terms interchangeably:

Clinton Kelly quote

He explains it further in his latest book, Freakin’ Fabulous on a Budget, where he shares how you can put together beautiful designer looks for your wardrobe and your home, at a fraction of the cost.

Spring Fashion Trends

At the Macy’s Spring fashion event, Clinton showed four Spring fashion trends and how they may look on three types of women: millennial, curvy and mature.

First was the Moto jacket, which is fitted and waist-length, many are leather but Clinton also showed knit styles and said EVERYONE needs to have a knit jacket! Lucky for Crystal she was wearing one when she interviewed Clinton – and he liked it!

Clinton stressed that shape trumps everything. Some women believe it’s taboo to wear white pants with a curvy figure – but it’s possible! Just make sure the shape is flattering. And the thought that “everyone can wear black” isn’t necessarily true, because …

Clinton Kelly garbage bag quote

The next trend he showed was Lace. Ladies … lace is more than for lingerie!  He showed it in a jacket form with see-through lace sleeves (far left, similar to this), as a skirt (middle, similar to this), and for a younger look, two types of lace in a layered look (right):

Clinton Kelly Macy's AppearanceNext up was a Floral trend, in which he showed how even what may seem like clashing floral patterns can actually look trendy together if one is a neutral print. Neutral, even in a floral pattern, can pair with a brighter floral pattern. Who knew?!

Finally Clinton shared looks of full skirt trends. He said there’s nothing an A-line skirt doesn’t fit. So there you go.

A knit jacket and an A-line skirt, and you have Clinton’s approval forever.

Well, at least until the next style trend comes along.

Lastly you know it’s Indy in the Spring and when there’s a to reference to black & white for Race time, and I love this style – especially with the beads!

Clinton Kelly Macy's appearance

It was such a treat to attend the Macy’s Spring fashion show with Clinton Kelly, now I’m armed with what to wear, (what not to wear) and all kinds of fun ideas for my next shopping spree.

Do you consider yourself on track with new style trends? Where do you turn for advice?

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