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Checkout51 app


There’s a new app in town to help you earn money after you leave the grocery store!

Checkout51 logoI know, you may be thinking “Another one?” After all, I’ve talked about Ibotta and Favado as other great smartphone apps for saving and making money.

Here are 5 reasons why you should add the new Checkout51 app to your smartphone (and why I think it’s easier than Ibotta):

Checkout51 app

  1. Checkout51 gives you great after-purchase cash back offers on items you already buy, such as milk and yogurt. Some offers are not brand-specific, but many are.
  2. Unlike Ibotta which currently can only be used on your phone, you may use Checkout51 on your computer as well. This makes a great reason to plan your grocery trip from home.
  3. You don’t need to scan a UPC code (again, unlike Ibotta). That makes the process a lot more simple. After purchasing your items, snap and upload a photo of your receipt to redeem.
  4. You’ll earn $2.00 cash back just for trying it out with your first offer!
  5. There are no quizzes to take, tips to share on Facebook or videos to watch (again, unlike Ibotta). Just purchase, and redeem. How simple is that?!

New offers are released each Thursday and are good for one week.

So I mentioned 3 tips above why Checkout51 is better than Ibotta; however with Ibotta you can cash out via Paypal once you’ve reached just $5. With Checkout51, you must have $20 in  your account and when you redeem they’ll mail you a check. Crossing fingers they’ll soon offer Paypal as a quicker option!

Oh another big plus:  Because you are rewarded after your purchase, you can use both Ibotta and Checkout51 when they have similar offers!  For example: Right now both are offering $0.50 cash back on milk. You can earn a total of $1.00 ($0.50 each) cash back into your accounts for purchasing just 1 gallon of milk. May not seem like much now, but it will add up each week!

Lastly, remember that one of the best things about both apps is that since they are basically a rebate after purchase, you can use manufacturer’s coupons to cut your initial out-of-pocket expense.

Sign up for Checkout51 and start earning cash back today!

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