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Let’s say the kids just got home from school, it’s 4:30pm and  you have no clue what’s for dinner.

Check the fridge. Hmm… ground beef.

Check the pantry. Egg noodles.

What can I make with ground beef and egg noodles…  ???

My favorite feature on is the “Ingredients” search!  Simply plug in a couple of ingredients you know you have on hand, and click the Search button. Voila!  You’re presented with any recipe in their database that contains those ingredients.

You have additional search features such as keyword and category, where you can find recipes from contributing brands such as Bob Evans and Pillsbury, or food categories if you’re looking specifically for, say, appetizers.

So what did the wonderful Ingredients search come up with for my ground beef and egg noodle conundrum?   Of the 67 recipes displayed, I chose about the 4th one down, which was so creatively named, “Hamburger Casserole“.  (Couldn’t the submitter have come up with something a little more flavorful for the title?!)  In addition to my search ingredients, it also calls for salsa and canned chili, which I happened ot have both of.

While you’re browsing recipes on, be sure to check out reviews from people like you and me. It offers great tips, criticisms and tweaks to the recipe. For this particular Hamburger Casserole, several reviews mentioned mixing in (or topping with) cheddar cheese, and adding garlic into the ground beef while it’s cooking.

After you’ve found your perfect recipe, you can print it (full page, 3×5 or 4×6 for your recipe box), and/or save it in “My Recipe Box” if you sign up for their free membership.

This is the area I most frequent on Have you found a favorite feature on, or do you have a favorite go-to website for recipes?  Share with us!


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