A funny example: It pays to do your research

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I had a giggle over this, and just had to share!

You may recall a week ago I shared the dealio from Groupon and Fandango, for the Matthew McConaughey movie “The Lincoln Lawyer”.  It was for $6 tickets, to anywhere Fandango serves.

So I bought one, and my friend Kelley bought one too. Great, $6 for a $9.50 evening show, not bad.  I was excited to see it at my local Regal/United Artists theatre, because on Tuesdays they have $2 small popcorn, and I luv me some movie theater popcorn.

If you’ve never purchased tickets through Fandango before, it’s super easy – you select your theater, date and showtime, fill in any promotional code, and your ticket prints for that specific showtime. Not a problem, and I called Kelley to let her know the process.

What I didn’t realize is that Tuesday nights are also that particular theater’s $5 movie night! Yes, I could have seen the movie for just $5, and I thought I was so cool for scoring a $6 movie ticket. Of course if we had gone on any other night, or to any other theater, it would have been a great deal.

And would you believe, I actually found myself contemplating if I should go on another night so it would feel like I was saving more money!  Lordy, sometimes I shouldn’t think so much, it just hurts.

So for my fellow penny pinchers, have you ever, totally by accident, spent more than you intended? I don’t mean “whoops I went to Target for toilet paper and $150 later…”!  I mean you had the best of intentions, minus one little detail like I described?!  Please comment and share!

This post may contain affiliate links. See my disclosure policy here.


  1. Cindy says

    Hey Ammer, had to comment since I, like you, like to work the system. I kick myself after I make online purchases and research every possible discount code and then forget to go through ebates at the time that I am ready to purchase. That drives me crazy!

    • Ann-Marie says

      Agreed Cindy! I need to look into ebates, a friend recommended it but I’m so used to shopping online through Mypoints that I’ll have to see how to ‘work the system’ as you put it to find out what gets me bigger rewards faster! I’ve earned two $50 gift cards so far, I chose JC Penney for one and Old Navy for the other.

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